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Logo(redesign) need Help / Ideas / Suggestions / Feedback

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by n0bod1, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. n0bod1

    n0bod1 New Member

    Hy community
    I have big troubles to do a logo redesign and (furthermore) a new corporate design with this company Eigner:

    my briefing:
    „please make us more elegant and sporty – we are a 70 year old company and we do car repairing we would like to present us in a modern and professional way. [in fact they are good and theire image is also very good]

    - target group: every person with a car...
    - staff: 12
    - private company
    - no logomanual and no CD existing​

    at first the clients whishes:
    „We like our logo very much – please do not change the font - we think this is an elegant sign from a creative person – you can change some of he balks below... but please not to much“

    my thoughts:
    • change the color order to the real CMYK
    • delete key-color (black)
    • delete sublogoline [Karosserie & Lack – because of theire good image regional people know what Eigner does]
    • bring handwirting logo closer and color it black (for the 4th CMYK color black) so that everything should get in a 3 x 3 cm rectangel
    • customize the handwirting font to baseline, X-Height, cap height...
    [thoughts approved from company ]

    now we have a smaler handwriting logo in black (K) with 3 (CMY) colored balks... my plan is to resize the length of these balks like this:
    Yello (the last one) longest
    Cyan (the first one) longer
    Magenta (the middle one) smallest​
    so I have the 2 main colors for the corporate design... Yello and Cyan.
    [perfekt – the competitiors do not have these colors... I would like to use magenta for smaller things like icons, listing points...]

    my (short) thoughts for future commercial:
    I would like to do positiv advertising: the normal way is that people have a problem (car accident) and searching for a car repairng shop. I would like to change the thoughts in their mind: this company can help me IF I have a problem. So I will show happy people, repaird cars... and less broken cars or „before – after“ pictures [also the textes will be positiv]

    And at last: some profi typography tips? ^^
    I don’t identify this „Eigner“ font – I really tried (all) tools: Fontspring, Whatfontis, Myfonts, Fontsquirrl,... in my opinion these are the bests – but no results... any Ideas? Maybe some of you can recommend me a similar font? and what font would you mix up with this logo? I think of two opinion:

    If there is a beautiful similar font to the logo font I would like to take
    h1: (similar font)
    h2: sans-serif (black)
    h3: sans-serif (bold)
    p: sans serif​

    If there is no similar font than:
    h1: slap serif (bold)
    h2: slap serif
    h3: slap serif (kursiv)
    p: sans serif​

    for free font: sadly; I will take Lato (I like the charakter of the „S“ letter)
    for commercial font: I will chose one of these 3:
    FF Marselis / Slap
    FF Unit / Slap
    FF Sanuk​

    By the way i like the secont option with the first font marselis best
    I think this really goes with the logo font....

    Now its your turn
    What do you think about:
    - my ideas about the logo redesign
    - the font mix options

    I am looking forward to hear your opinions :)

    NOTE: Please write in response just COMPANY (or „E“igner) to avoid google search results.
    Please do not share on Social Media or any other platforms.
    Sorry for my lack of english
  2. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    What you've written is not very clear and far too detailed, but you've hardly done anything to the existing logo
    so how can we comment on a very minor design revision?
  3. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    Why does this scream crowdsourcing website to me.....

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