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Logo project in progress


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Hi guys,

I've been working on a new logo and branding for a translation company over the last few days, and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the ideas I have so far. The client has asked me to avoid obvious interpretations of translation like speech bubbles or flags, and focus on a professional brand with the theme based on the company name.

Here's what I have so far;

Wow..excellent logos! I like #1 and #4 the best. I love the idea of the frog sitting on the logo and I love the font that you used in 1 mixed with the wooden tree looking "T". I really like the footprint idea as well in the "o" of #1. The only thing I dislike about #4 is the balance of it. I think having the frog, the big T and the "translation" text all left aligned makes it a bit unbalanced. Maybe have the translation text right aligned? Although the "g" is in the way so I don't know how you'd work around that. #1 is probably my favorite. But with a bit of work on #4 that could be a winner as well.

The other 2 are nice as well but I'm not too keen on the fonts and I think #1 and #4 are much more interesting and play with the name better.

Great work Greg!


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Thanks for the feedback Aarlev, hoping the client feels the same way!
Yes my favourite personally is #1 and think the typeface fits really well with the name, took me long enough to track one down that suited. I see what you're saying about #4 perhaps a few too many things going on for one logo, will have a go at simplifying that one by taking an element out and giving it some room to 'breathe'.

Thanks again and will keep you posted on developments :)
Cheers, Greg