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Logo prices


Senior Member
Hi all

I was asked how much I would charge for a logo design and I said about £120. Is this too much or too little? I worked it out by how long it might take me from sketching to final piece.

Cheers all
Hey Tom, I find this is the hardest thing to price. I started out charging £150, and folk haggle down from that (or try to).

Ideally I'd like to be charging at least £200/300, but it is difficult convincing clients of the worth. Then I see others charging £500 updwards, albeit it with a much more comprehensive folio.

I would imagine £120 isn't really going to cover your time, unless you hit the nail on the head straight from the off.

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Agree to Mark. Plus, how details is it going to be? or you just make a logo and just two to three changes allow? I guess that'd be ok with that price :D


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I think Iain and Mark make good points.

If you get to the point where you've got a good folio of logo's and clearly have good skills in it then you want to start charging much more than that, as I think clients will appreciate it more when they're paying £500+ than when they're paying ~£150, plus you'll be attracting the right type of clients, those that are serious about it and will rate your abilities.
A lot of people think that logo design is an extremly short process, that can be made within a few days. There is so much thought that goes into them and you could spend weeks going over idea's and design only. The evolution of a logo take's lots of steps and I think shouyld be charged on an hourly rate.

The price would vary on the complexity of the brief in me eyes...
I've never just done a logo for a client. I refuse to just spend a day faffing about with it and then go 'here's an eps file and a jpeg, are we done?'. It doesn't give them a good basis for launching a brand and is quite unsatisfying from a design point of view.

I send out a brand questionnaire to anyone asking for branding which gives me a clearer idea of what they are after and whether other 'add ons' can be considered. I've got several branding packages ranging from fairly basic to comprehensive depending on clients needs. This could include things like formatted powerpoint presentation templates and word docs, business stationery, basic or comprehensive brand guidelines, defining house typefaces, colour palettes, email signature strips and possibly company literature, leaflets, e-newsletters etc.

Most people come to me asking for a logo and unless you drill down into their needs for their day to day business you are missing a bit opportunity to establish yourself as their (for want of a better description) 'brand guardian'.

If they see you as someone who does logos then you'll get a day or two's work but if they see you as an authority on their brand and understanding their needs they'll come back to you further down the line.

Of course their are always clients who will just see the price tag and walk away, but I'm happy with that as if they are not willing to spend on their core branding you would be unlikely to get much else from them long term.

Duncan Y.

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But i think Rusell has really made the point to show client what they should really think about their brand.

I've been there before. The mentality of the client will go like what he had mentioned, they thought it's just put the work into the computer, clicking here and there then the work is done, "simple thing, should pay less."

Though i'm not a pros with certs, but i really can feel the pain when one really have to stand up for what is right. Once you give them peanuts, they won't have much expectation from you than you're the "low cost" designer they 'might' will rely on when they're on a 'budget'. :p Well, they might expect you can be offer 'lower price' on some other works as well lol :D
Hi Tom, like some have said this is a tricky question to answer without knowing your background, how many years experience and seeing your folio and standard of work. If you are just starting out or if you are a student its probably about right.

But if you have a track record and an ass kicking portfolio then you need to increase your prices I feel.

Not sure that's helped?