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logo practise- Critique please

well im still practising in illustrator and getting better by day, thought i'd go for a ribbon look.
i made this from choosing a random letter and thinking of the first noun that comes into my head, i got V - so i chose velvet..
As you guys see i went for a ribbon style logo..
i've been usuing illustrator little over a month or so now :)


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A bit difficult to say when we don't know what the company is supposed to do.

The logo looks ok, you just need to work on the text, not much thought gone into it. It doesn't say 'velvet' to me.
I would choose maybe a more rounded font, try it in dark blue and watch that kerning. Lose the graduated background at this stage. :)


Staff member
I wouldn't say this is a logo technique. I'd say it's an exercise in Illustrator.

Designing a logo is taking a brief from a client - drawing up sketches that match the brief, picking your best sketches, then digitising them using vector software.

Logo design: 60 pro tips | Logo design | Creative Bloq

Now - some companies do "pick a letter" then "pick the first noun that comes to mind" then design a logo around this.

One that comes to mind is the Google logo - where it conceptualised the night before the launch of the company.

This does happen - but it's not a logo design process. And the Google logo has since be really polished.