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LOGO portfolio.


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Dunno why logo is in caps, it just is.:p Anyway, the reason I want to post up my portfolio is because I'd like a judgement of skill level, either 1 to 5 or amateur, moderate, expert etc. not because I'm bigheaded or anything, just wondering how far I've progressed.
I dont have many logos up on my designcrowd profile, but the ones at the bottom are the older ones. My deviantart probably has more content, but not all the same as its not restricted to just logos.

portfolio: here

and deviantart: softpurple

I would really appreciate replies! I know i'm new here and know that a lot of potential replies will probably not turn into any because of that reason.


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How to put this...

Your work isn't bad by any stretch of the imagine, it's not great yet either.

Without briefs and a better understanding of what the client (albeit made up) you can't quite give the best appraisal.

Look at it this way, I've been responsible for examples that are far worse than that and have been paid to make them. Sadly I was fitting the brief required. If you are doing work as a practice exercise, really try to push the envelope, think outside the box, you will have plenty of time to do safe/everyday work as your life progresses.

I think that is a fair appraisal? Your work isn't earth shatteringly different, but I've seen a lot worse. Keep pushing the ideas, if you are developing a logo do several variations and don't be afraid to show them either.


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Pretty much as said.... if you want to bolster your portfolio (you don't say if this is paid or not) take a look at the briefs in the competition bit here

And we really need a new comp lol


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thank you for the critique! i really appreciate it and i know that i have a long way to go. thats mainly because while ive been messing around with photoshop for about 4 years, ive only recently delved in to the totally foreign world of illustrator. besides, graphic design is a hobby for me, not a job, so i'm self taught and not a pro or anything.
I would love to particpate in a comp :D
If i were to take a guess I'd say you just created them using tutorials, which is a bad thing mind you, but they're not the best things to post on your profile. Like the guys said work from briefs are the way to go, but for personal work try using the tutorials to create something new and exciting and spend some time on them, not just the 30 minutes-an hour you spent following the tutorial.


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Sorry for not replying for so long. To the contrary, I have not used tutorials to create any of the logos on my profile page. actually, i've not followed a tutorial since my early photoshop days (we're talking years back). and i use illustrator now.
If i had used tutorials I would not have uploaded them to my portfolio as it wouldn't be my work. everything presented on my portfolio or deviant art is 100% created from scratch (using a laptop touchpad) and belongs to me.