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Logo Of The Day website

Hi guys.

Some of you may remember me posting a logo on this thread a little while ago that I was working on for a carp pool called The Sitch Carp Syndicate. It got a great response and someone replied saying they could imagine seeing it on one of those inspirational logo websites, which prompted me to submit it to Logo Of The Day. I was delighted when Jacob Cass emailed me on Friday to say it had been selected for showcase. Great news considering how many logos he must get emailed to him. However, the comments I've received on the site are, shall we say, less than constructive. I'm really disappointed by this - I was hoping that that I might receive some useful and constructive criticism, but people have been quite rude in my opinion.

I'm really not precious about my work. I'm no Wally Olins but I'm not bad either. I do as good a job as I can with the brief I'm given and most of the time I nail it - I wouldn't be able to make a living otherwise. However the comments I've received on LOTD have really knocked my confidence. :(

So my question is how useful do you think it is to open up and share you're work on the internet for feedback from your peers? Is the internet a good tool for getting constructive criticism on your work, or is the audience simply too big and varied to get a fair response? I realise design is subjective and everyone has an opinion they're entitled to, but how do you deal with blunt and flippant critique of your work? :confused:



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The only valid judges of a designers work is the client and the designer themselves. End of story.

Everything else is general opinion. The thing with anonymous comments is that you have no idea if their opinions are valid because you don't know anything about the people the criticism is coming from.

Internet critique works on sites like DF because you get to generally know people, you have a vague idea of their tastes, likes, dislikes. You know how much experience they have in their own careers, and you get to take that into account when you read their opinions.

An opinion from someone you don't know is worthless. Whereas the fact that the logo got accepted onto the site by a successful logo designer (Cass), says a lot more than any subsequent criticisms from the sites visitors.

Design is subjective, everyone is supposed to have an opinion but it's up to the individual to work out which ones are valid and which ones are worth noting.


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If you supply a piece of work that meets the brief and pleases the client and yourself it is a good piece.
If others (with and without design inclinations) like it - of which alot won't be the key demographic - then bonus.

Design is a way of making money, supply your best work to benefit yourself, but a successful job for all those dealing with money is just that, successful


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Now I was one of the people who wasn't overly keen on the design but the facts most of them are mentioning are some of the ones you cleared up on here but they're not cleared up on that site.

You said on here that you wanted the letters in the fish to be there but not there type affair - they're all pretty much agreeing on that.

Normal carps are dull green/browns/golds in colours so I don't know what they're getting at with the colours maybe they're just know of any other carp than koi.

At the end of the day your client liked it you liked and it paid the bills, if someone doesn't like it they should try doing something better and taking up design for a living, they'll soon find out it isn't as easy to please clients as it is to please themselves :)
I like the logo, only thing I'd change is the gradient through it... but eh, like Ken said, so long as the client (and less so yourself) are happy with it, who cares about internet people... they're not even real people anyway... like facebook friends
I agree, design is like art sometimes - with a some love it, some hate it thing going on. It's hard to blank others comments sometimes but you have to, if your design has been approved by your client and they are truely happy then this is the criticism you should take (obviously the logo needs to work for your target audience as well). I think we have a lot of wannabe Simon Cowells out there, trying to break through the design industry...
Hi Jim, I think unless its constructive, which you're saying it isn't I'd just forget it.

Some people have probably got the green eye and if they are being nasty then you wonder why they post at all as its just not helpful to anyone. If designers on here have said they like it then just take the positives and move on.