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Logo Needed for Small IT Site

Hi guys. I'm a Computer Scientist who also works as a Desktop Engineer for an oil company, looking to start up a small non profit site which will be used as an informative resource for people trying to get into the IT Support industry. I will basically post weekly/bi weekly articles on what is required in the role of an IT Helpdesk analyst and will provide tips, info etc. on what to expect and how to excel in the role.

Despite the site being profit free, I want to make it look respectable so that people will not instantly distrust my advice due to a ****ty looking site. I have chosen to use Squarespace as my hosting platform, as I like the elegant user interface and rapid design which will allow me to focus on content rather than the actual coding behind the site.

As such, this is a request for anyone who is willing to help and can provide examples/portfolio to help me by creating a logo, from which I can then go on to choose suitable colour schemes for the site itself. I have a premise and a name for the site, and a few ideas on some elements I'd like in the logo, i'm just not a designer and cant bring these to life.

Even though this is a small, non-profit site I'm not here to rip you guys off. I respect the amount of work it takes to produce a quality logo. I'd love to offer around the £4-500 mark, but I just cant justify that for a non profit thing like this. The budget would be £270-£300ish, and I know I cant expect too much but I'm just looking to see if anyone would be interested.

If you are, just send me a PM or you can get me via the following:

e-mail: zipperontrousersATgmail.com
AIM: ZipOnTrousers
MSN: lankyshearer11AThotmail.com

Thanks in advance guys, any help is really appreciated


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I'm going to edit your post to remove the 'live' email address links, just because these may attract spammers to the forums. The budget and brief sounds good, and I'm sure you'll find someone suitable through the forums :)

Thanks for posting a budget too, we get so many project requests without them, it's very refreshing! If I wasn't so busy I would have definitely been putting my name forward.
Thanks guys. Just goes to show some people DO read stickies haha [=

Just an update guys; Glen has made an offer to work with me on this and I've taken him up on that as I'm very impressed with all the examples from his site and like his style. Dunno if you want to close this off or no, but thanks to everyone who showed an interest its really appreciated.


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Good to hear, will close the thread in that case, but please PM me if you want to share the end result in the thread, be interested to see how it turns out :)
Hey guys - just an updte to show off Glen's work. Rellay happy with what he came up with - and even more happy with working with him. He kept in contact throughout, everything was done quickly and most importantly he'll listen to your input. He took my first suggestion and came up with a few designs based around that - and a few of his own. Samples were then given of each and when I chose the one I liked best he went out of his way to make some changes I wanted to see and then provided me with the finished article in a variety of formats - all within budget. All I can say is I highly recommend working with Glen - and here's the finished article that I'm using on the site:

And if you guys could take a minute to give me some feedback on my first draft for a site design, please do here:


Very happy with the result - and it just goes to show you guys if you offer an acceptable budget you will get what you pay for. I very much doubt I would have sometihng like this if I'd offered £50 - £100.

Thanks again Glen, and everyone else who responded with interest (there were a lot!)



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Things which could/should be addressed with the logo:

  • Why is the "www." in grey, but ".com" is in black?
  • Why is "www." smaller than ".com"?
  • I'm not even sure either is needed. IT HellDecks on its own would have worked fine. It'd also scale better.
  • The headset is positioned badly and it's too big. It took me a good while to figure out what it was. The idea of the tail end of it bouncing off the h/e is interesting, but as that's what my eye is drawn to first, it looks more like an aeroplane and its jetstream.
  • Gradients on logos are usually a bad thing. They're just not needed in most situations.
I know this isn't positive feedback, but please take this as constructive criticism for use in the future.


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Not sure if that feedback is needed Neil, I know you are only trying to be helpful, but as stated in the post, Zipper is happy with Glens work, he actually wants feedback on his site (which I see you have given) rather than feedback on his logo as this project is now complete. Might have been wiser to send Glen a PM if you have comments on his work.