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Logo Inspiration / help!

Hi There

I have been asked to put together a design for a logo. The company name is 'Instinct' and they are a recruitment agency based in Manchester.

As 'Instinct' is traditionally abstract and intangible I am struggling for ideas to portray it.....any help / ideas much appreciated!


Dave L

Well-Known Member
Not fully thought through and you'd need to be careful with the concept image-wise but I don't think it's a big leap from instinct to hunting and from there back to recruitment (i.e. head hunting). Right off the top of m'head so... you know...
Hey! I'm not sure why, but the company name instantly brought this to mind:

I'm not saying use a Puma, but something animalistic could work well.
Yeah, I think an abstract animal concept could work. But as it is recruitment you'd need to keep a formal and corporate feel to it at the same time. Unless they are targeting a certain demographic? What came to mind initially, for me was thinking along the lines of a stamp or symbol that would be used to show that a certain animal is extinct? I'm trying to find an example but struggling. I suppose in my head Im picturing an encyclopedia and a sign/symbol to show that it is extinct? There is also a universal symbol for extinct, similar to the peace symbol for example. Maybe a spin on that? Or I think just a simply extinct. in a serif font...working on the idea that it is so final, absolute, exact, to the point. Could be made more interesting by having it look debossed? which would add to the stamped idea....

Sorry I went off on one!! Probably makes no sense at all...

How the mind rambles on...