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Logo ideas

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by designerste, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. designerste

    designerste New Member

    Hi All,

    Ive been working on a logo for a client of mine who is involved with media production, music vids etc.

    The name of the company is Creative Junkie Media, does anyone have any good ideas?

    Ive already posted my concepts to the client, but would be very grateful for any new ideas.

  2. lauralil

    lauralil Member

    Hi Ste,

    Probably not the response you were looking for but perhaps you could start by contributing to the forum and then ask us to help you do your job :icon_smile:

    Perhaps an introduction would be a good start......
  3. Pete Whitehouse

    Pete Whitehouse New Member

    Can you email us your designs so far for a critique?

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