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Logo Idea


Junior Member
Hello everyone. :)

I'm looking for advice on the logo that I've designed - because I don't like it!

I took my surname “Lambe” and used it for the basis of my self-identity. Using this idea I spray painted my name onto lamb wool. I used a humanist sans-serif typeface and rounded the edges of my stationary to create a warm friendly impression.

I've only got a few requirements. I want my logo to be in a "clean vector format" - so ideally a completely new idea, and to keep the theme of "lamb".

After spending so long on this project, I would like a fresh perspective from you! Do you have any suggestions or new ideas? :)


Staff member
you can't really call it a logo in my view... it's basically a font on some wool type fabric...

It's not really new and it reminds me of the sort of thing that a 'eco' group would do to highlight the plight of the lambs that some people eat
I did a business card template a bit like that for GraphicRiver!
Anyway, it depends on your profession but personally I'd be sorely tempted to play on your surname with a Rolf Harris style cartoon Lamb or if you want to stick with the font style then why not use the wool as the inside of your lettering (make a mask of your name and drop the wool background in, scale it down and you're good).
Guys it's not for me to argue with you but Ben_WC did say "the basis of my self-identity" so who said it's a logo? I think what he's getting at is that this is his favourite idea and is wondering how to develop into a logo...if that's not what he meant then ignore both my posts... gnnn..


Staff member
Well the op hasn't been on since august 12th (although he does appear to be a VERY slow poster) so I doubt we'll find out either way. I do have a feeling it was more a case of I don't like it and I can't come up with anything else so came to a forum so they'd do the work for me, something we can't really do when it's your own personal identity :)