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Logo Idea WIP

My first thoughts are it looks more like a sailors wheel rather than a clock? maybe incorporate the name some how to...

also is this a formed company under the name of Kreative Clockwerk? because if I was looking it just looks like spelling a mistake which would put me off even looking.... unless there was a decent reason why its spelt like that.
The reason Kreative Clockwerk is spelt that way is that it follows my own initials. I also realized it may be more recognizable as CK, which started me thinking of switching the spelling to Creative Klockwerk. I was interested in using this spelling simply to work my initials in, as it would be the name of my own personal design "studio" Thanks for the crits guys, I'll see how I can work more of a "clock" feel to it?


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do you see other companies reversing their initials JUST because it matches the owners name.

Berry once put some very wise words on here - keep it simple stupid.

If you clients can't work out what it is then you've failed the first task of branding your company.
I wasn't reversing my initals, my initials are KC. Kreative Clockwerk = KC. By recognizable I meant thats how people are interpreting it as now. Thank you for comments :)


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For all I care your initials are KC, as well as CK. But I did read it as CK.
Agreed that it could look more like a clock rather than a sailor's wheel.
The 'spokes' are in the wrong place for a clock. It would be more clock-like if they were in the right places for the hours. Also, if the hands of the K were more like a big hand and a little hand they would help it look more like a clock. Would playing around with the colour help to make the K more prominent? Perhaps keep the K black but make the C a lighter colour. Then you'd see the K first and read it as KC. I like the simplicity though but whatever is wrong with Kreative Clockwork?



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No, it's fundamentally no different than the last one. All you've really done is altered line weights and taken off the arrow heads. It still has ALL the problems from the last one.
The first design concept had far greater appeal. However as some of the guys have pointed out, it does look lie a sailors wheel, the K part is really good, however its the shape of the pointers around the clock part that don't fit, try adapting the points around the clock face. Look forward to seeing the finished logo.


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Definately read it as CK too.

It may just be because Ive read another thread with reference to Pacman - but I definately saw pacman somewhere in your logo too...

What happens when you shrink the logo down to say a quarter of that size? Logos need to be scalable and Ive got a feeling that all detail and important parts in your concept are going to be lost when this happens...
It seemed to simple and i did not get the CK at all - i just opened the image without really reading your name etc,
Personally I dont like the heavy black lines feel very industrial