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Logo Help for Tourism Directory


Senior Member
I like the idea but I would change a few bits.

The leaf shape looks alit like a pigs ear and the advertising is too close to the forest. maybe move it to the right a bit.

other than that, good job. looks nice.
How about one of these?

Just realized the tracking is different on these, i'll change it on the original but you get the idea for now.


Active Member
I would just loosen the letter spacing a little on your original and keep the original leaf but just twist the 'f' a little so it stems from the base (point) of the leaf shape - that will hopefully differ the space between that and the edge of the leaf (so its not consistent like it is now) and hopefully lose the 'pigs ear' effect!

Tom Sound

Active Member
with the first one the white in the leaf was looking a bit like an 'f' which was good, you could try and make it more f-ey :up:
Like the 1st logo idea out of your last lot of suggestions.

The strapline is a little close to main text, perhaps experiment with placing the strap in a box, although you might be fighting for room.
The clashing of the r and t really jars for me. Have you thought about the kerning in there — they're the only two that kiss in any of your options. Alternatively you could draw a very subtle ligature for them, just to make the shoulder of the r flow more naturally into the crossbar of the t.


Senior Member
hey Timmo,

I like the first logo (original post) and the modern leaf design you have on there i feel works the best with the typeface. I think as another member mentioned, its the f shape inside the leaf that needs little tweak, mayb curve the f so it follows the shape of the leaf a bit more. Dont think its far off tho mate.
Think you could keep the detail of leaf 1, but with the flowing shape of 1 of the leaves in design 3? Easier on the eye where its not so sharp and resembling a holly bush.. The weight of your 'advertising' text could be slightly lighter maybe?
I like the 4th design in the second set of concepts you posted, although i would adjust the spacing between the letter a tad, it looks to crushed to me.