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Logo for New Blog

That Guy

Junior Member
OK well firstly let me tell you a little about the blog I am creating....

I have always been a Windows User infact right back to the days of DOS 5.0, how old skool :cool:

Over the last six months I have been switching to Apple products. Six months ago I had no Apple Products within the house but now between me and my partner we have an iPhone 4S, the New iPad and an iMac.

Basically I want a blog where I can post things I discover and create some "How To" Guides and Videos.

Now here comes the logo, but first please remember I am not a designer, just someone who likes to play until I get it right. The logo was designed in Adobe Fireworks, the iPhone in the logo was drawn using the shape tools and the font is Century Gothic.

Possible Problems:

The Apple Logo
Are you allowed to use it in this way? I simply pressed the Option-Shift-K keyboard shortcut to get the logo. If not what else could I put in its place?

No Web Address
I would of liked to put the web address in there somewhere (theapplenewbie.com) but everytime I try and place it somewhere it looks really cluttered.

Any feedback, ideas and help is welcome :)

Thanks in Advance!
Yes, I believe including the Apple logo in the design would cause problems if they were to find out. Probably best create your own type of symbol or logo that then could be used as a favicon perhaps?

That Guy

Junior Member
Well here is v2, I have removed apple log and replaced it with a silhouette of the Apple Newbie Character.

What do people think of this?