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Logo for an off licence. Thoughts welcome.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Please find below a design for a local off licence. The business is sited almost on the beach of a popular seaside resort and its existing decor is themed accordingly, hence my colour selections. The cheerful fellow in the centre is Corky, a mascot created for the shop to offer Corky's Deals of the Week and such like within the store.

In order to render the image suitable for posting on a forum, it is submitted here via a third-party compression website (tinypic). This can occasionally cause the colours to appear somewhat radioactive, alas, so please give me a little leeway in this respect with your critique.

All feedback gratefully received.

Many thanks,

Hello, Scotty.

Do you mean that's how you would like to see it, sir? Or have I buggered the upload somehow and that's how you're actually seeing it? It wouldn't be the first time!

Kind regards,


Well-Known Member
Could you change the blue pupils to white. Not sure how I feel about Corky holding a glass of red wine, he doesn't look the type. UNLESS, what he is holding will change with each deal of the week, depending on what's on offer; so in this case red wine?
Hello, Carl.

Yes, of course, sir. I'll change the pupil colour and post it up again.

Corky not looking the type to be a wine connoisseur made me chuckle, more of a lager type do you think? I hadn't considered changing his tipple to suit the deal in question, great idea and much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Sincere apologies, Scotty.

I'm not sure what has happened there, sir. Hopefully Carl's kind assistance in his repost of the image has solved the problem.
Good afternoon, Wardy.

No, the border doesn't have to be grey. I pretty much have a free reign on the design, my only brief is to include the business name and create a mascot. I did experiment with many different colours for the background, grey was purely a personal choice as to which one was the most aesthetically pleasing.

It's all subjective, of course. What would be your preference, sir? Many thanks indeed for your comments, very much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Ah, I see what you mean, Wardy.

Hmmm, you've given me something to think about there, sir. I'll dwell on your suggestion for a while, maybe sit it alongside my original for comparison, and consider which one grows on me.

Many thanks once again for your time and trouble, it's sincerely appreciated.


Staff member
Can I just say this... the design seems very 'childish' for an off license and the first design looks more like a roller skate wheel than a design for a company that sell alcohol.