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Logo feedback

Hi All,

I am producing a logo for a tree surgery company, and before I send on the two examples, I would like to hear your thoughts. All feedback welcome provided it's not too harsh ;)

Cheers people!


Staff member
left one looks like a clover leaf

Not sure on the colour choices on the right, also the t/leaf looks a bit like a Y. There's also letter spacing issues (sM in TreesMatter especially)
that was my issue with the left one too. don't really see the 'y' but can understand what you mean. Can you explain the letter spacing some more please?


Staff member
not necessarily a extra space, but the space between the sM is out of proportion with the others. It stands out to me and I'm just looking at it.
The space between sM really bugs me now, the more I look, the more I see it, lol. This is why I like feedback, as when you look at something for so long, you can't see things others see instantly. Cheers for pointing it out Levi
Wrighty, how's it going with the logo then? Have to agree with the previous comments here, the sM issue is so prmoinent within the logo, I couldn't stop looking at it (and really bugging me too). I feel that you've just created this logo for the sake of it, not going to get harsh with you but maybe you should think about 'producing a logo for a tree surgery company' why not try and reflect this charcteristic through the logo, you've kind of designed an element of 'trees' by simply illustrating a tree. Take a step back and think what your trying to communicate here, the words 'tree surgey' already got my creative juices flowing here and I would be looking on how to keep it simple yet implement an iconic symbol of 'surgey' into the type, maybe looking at different typefaces may spark a new idea, tbh not really digging the typeface - what is it Bawdy? Re-think your use of compoistion here - always good to start off with a pencil and paper. The first logo looks like a clover leaf, but the symbols you got going on there, the green heart shapes could be looked at again - remember these guys obvivously specialise in the care/love for arboriculture - show this!
Thanks for your comments. I am taking a step back and thinking about it again to be honest, and have started work on some new ideas. I was a bit rushed at first but have a longer deadline now, so will keep you posted. You can be harsh to a certain level, just don't be rude, lol.
Its not being rude Wrighty, its constructive critisicm, but I'm glad your going to re-think it through, because I feel you could produce a beautiful logo with the right way of thinking - clean and simple that communicates, I'll do one myself for you and show you the way I am thinking if you want.

Good luck
Dalzell, I didn't mean you was being rude, I was just saying I don't mind people being harsh in a constructive way, just don't be rude about it, which you wasn't. If you want to have a go and show me an example, then I am happy for you to do that.