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Logo Feedback

Hi All,

I am currently working on a rebrand of a company logo and as part of the process I am doing some consumer research. I thought it might be useful to get the opinions of some designers to see how this logo is percieved.

Please note, I did not design this logo and this isnt specifically a critique. If anyone can take the time to give you first opinion of the logo and tell me what services you think this company offers.

Thanks LBV_SingleColour_CMYK.jpg

Paul Murray

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The bouncing ball implies just that, so I'd hazard a guess at that outdoor activity where you get inside a huge inflatable ball and roll down a hill, or something similar. This seems to contrast with the name though.

'Lightbody' conjures up images of health and fitness, whilst 'Ventures' makes me think of experimentation and discovering new things. The name as a whole makes me think of a company that discovers new things related to healthy bodies and fitness.

Overall the shape/ratio of the logo is not ideal, and you may struggle to apply it in different situations/locations.


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Some kind of weight loss programme, with the circles representing exercise / gym balls, forming the shape of a 'V' for ventures and maybe also connoting a class of people as opposed to one on one training.
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Thanks for the feedback guys, good to see others perception.

I had never thought of the 'health & fitness' connection but I guess thats because I know what services the company offers.

They actually specialise in brand extension.

Paul Murray

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I don't get that from it at all. I'd argue that perhaps a simpler approach (perhaps just typographic) would be better as it's ambiguous.
I think the business offered various services when the designer was briefed for the original logo.

I suggested changing the name to LBV as thats what a lot of customers and staff tend to call the business. That way you avoid the misinterpretation of the words 'lightbody' as this is just the owner's surname.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Personally I'm not a fan of abbreviated business names (you see it an awful lot with tradesmen) as it's not particularly memorable or unique. Staff and existing customers may be accustomed to using the term LBV, but what about new or potential customers? Will it have an effect on how they see the company? 'LBV' doesn't say 'brand extension' to me any more than the non-abbreviated version.

I'd argue that you would need to perhaps add "brand extension" or something of that ilk to the trading name to make it clear what the company does and remove a barrier to sales.
I totally agree with you, I'm not a fan of abbreviated business names either. I had made that suggestion based on their feedback but also suggested using a tagline of 'The Brand Extension Specialists' or something to that effect to define the services they offer.

I'm not a marketing specialist by any means but I think by making those slight changes will give a clearer picture of what they do. Its certainly better than what they have.

I guess the logo execution is what really matters.


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Can you tell me a bit more about the company please, bullet points are fine, it helps with the critique if I know a little about them :)
Ok no problem.

• The owner came from a very successful large commercial family bakery business
• Started his new company (Lightbody Ventures) in 2009, at the time the business had several parts to it - Stud breeding, property development & the brand extension
• Now in 2015 the business is seen only as brand extension
• We mostly take food brands into new categories i.e. Hersheys into bakery
• We also manage manufacturers, logistsics, inhouse design & product development

I hope this is enough information.
Hello fellow designers,
If I could chip in a few points / ideas.
Ross, the original logo with the balls / tick / V on didn't explain anything about branding as you all have concluded. But I think they were trying to put across the idea of movement and dynamics with the old logo which I think the new logo still needs to have this element to it. What they are doing as a company seems a bit more dynamic and adaptable than most branding companies, so maybe a bit more play with the font and brighter colour than purple. Hope this helps.

Yes I agree with you re the dynamic element. In a sense they are a bit like an agency.

Since working on these initial routes and presented them, the brief has changed slightly. I think they are the type of client who doesnt know what they want until they've seen other designs.

The name was changed to LBE (Lightbody Brand Extensions) because the owner didnt like 'Lightbody' being the main focal point and we didnt get great feedback on using 'Lightbody'. I then suggested changing the name to LBV Brand Extensions, since thats what everyone calls us. I know this isnt abbrevaited correctly but a lot of major companies/brands do this and not a lot of folk know what the original full name is. The whole point of this process is for our services to be identifiable from the outset, adding brand extensions does this.

Re a mark or icon - They do not like this and dont feel it is important but originally part of the brief was to try and incorporate the family bakery history. I convinced them that that is not important and given mixed messages.

Re fonts and colour - Werent sure about the purple (neither am I if im honest) but really liked the new ITV logo that I showed them and its vibrance. This links to what you are saying about dynamics and I feel that using some nice shapes/colours to represent the different services we offer could work.

This has been a real tough brief because im very close to it and the fact that they dont really know what they want until now. But feel as though I have made progress now that I have showed them designs they like/dislike and forced them to commit to a direction.

Appreciate your feedback.


Staff member

Route 1:
p1 - Nobody is going to understand the reason for the bakers hat unless they already know of the company's heritage. When I saw it I first thought it was a bakery logo not a 'brand extension' company.

p2 - I like the layout of address etc on your business cards but I'm not sure on the colour or the 'arc' at the bottom. Personally I'd be looking at just a white background too due to issues with printing/ink use/cost etc.

Route 2:
p1 - Not sure about the iconography, it would restrict/limit categories and you'd have issues if you were to expand them.
I prefer the text although the LIG in lightbody has some bad kerning, at least visually if nothing else.

p2 - I like the simplicity of the idea (minus the icons) but I'm not sure about the purple, it's a bit wishy washy for my tastes. I know the idea is a muted colour but that choice of blue/purple isn't quite right in my opinion.

Route 3:
p1 - I don't like the overlay logo but I do quite like the Lightbody choice of font (well except the G, the rounded end to the top looks out of context)
p2 - I prefer this shade of purple but I don't like the gradient effects on anything.

In a sense I feel you need to combine elements from all 3 to come up with route 4 lol
Hi Levi,

Yes I agree with you re the bakers hat, this was part of the brief though try and incorporate this business with the previous family business. Its good that they have no decided to move away from this is it is confusing.

Points taken on stationary, thanks for your feedback.

Its back to the drawing board today after my meeting this morning. As per my previous comment above, they are now moving towards looking more dynamic and vibrant.

The challenge is, there isnt really a single icon or element that screams 'brand extension' so im thinking the next versions will have to be more typographic and colourful.