logo feedback!! :)

hey, this is just a logo that I have been looking into for myself using my initials. I would really appreciate any feedback! sorry that the image quality and gradient is a bit rubbish ;) My logo.jpg
I like it! What's this style of logo called out of interest? I've often wondered.

My only criticism would be that the gradient is a bit too harsh, perhaps the black could be toned down a little? Have you tried any alternative colours?

Paul Murray

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I feel like the ribbon should be 'spiralling' in the other direction. How does it work in just a solid colour and at a small scale? It's perhaps a bit too reliant on gradients and effects for it's appearance.


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Have you posted earlier drafts on here before? I feel like I have seen something very similar before. Anyway, I really like it. I disagree with the earlier comment about the gradient, I think it is pretty much spot on to achieve the desired effect without over doing it. I feel it will also work in flat black and white but just would not be as effective. It is bugging me though, as something about it seems very familiar, don't know if it's an existing brand that it reminds me of or what. Good job though!