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Logo feedback please


Junior Member
hello there, i'm faye

i'm starting a business and i need help with positioning my brand and hope you'll give me feedback on the first logo design idea as a starter for ten... i'd really appreciate your thoughts if you can take a minute. take a look at the attached logo...

- what business would you guess this was for?
- what 3 words spring to mind?
- how could it be improved?

it's very nerve wracking building a new brand!!! thanks for reading!




Active Member
Hi Fayebell,

Welcome to DF, some quick responses to get you stated...

- I Go Ethical - a business that helps customers/other businesses make ethical choices with their purchases?
- Green, recycle, and eco-friendly.
- Make the 'o' of go, if that is what it says a bit more obvious, maybe by bringing the blue shaping round the bottom section of the letter?

More info on the business would be useful to make suggestions for improvements :)


Junior Member
Hi Greg - thanks for the welcome :)

www.igoethical.com is a website to promote ethical trade & tourism in SE Asia. For an example, an eco lodge committed to planting X number of trees in a year, or a restaurant that employs street kids and gives them an education alongside teaching them culinary skills.

These are my draft brand values, which should help build more of a picture of the business:

human - it's all about good people
ethical - always
simple - as in, keep it...
feel good, and help others feel good

I'm not 100% sure about the logo. I think the font is a bit too strong and it would be nicer in a softer, more rounded style (I'm thinking: innocent smoothies). There was another idea that used a globe instead of the yingyang symbol - I've attached it. Perhaps the globe goes one step further to explain what the business does... the yingyang felt a bit 'hippy'.

This is very early stages, so feel free to feed back. It's really useful.



Senior Member
Two points:

Using the Fair Trade logo would not go down well with the copyright holders of that logo. Just because it's for Fair Trade doesn't mean that the logo is for free use and that you can modify the logo for your own needs I'm afraid.

Secondly, using anything that resembles an O is still no substitute for an actual 'O'. Your web address reads "ig-ethical.com". Either have a separate device or have a text-only wordmark.
Hey There... looks nice but my issue right away was with the 'o'. Just not getting the point across quick enough. I think you need to round it out more at the bottom to make it appear more O-like.
Also, how will this look in black and white? I find creating in black and white with shades of grey works best for creating a strong image and then applying the colour(s). This cuts down the 'shock effect' when a coloured logo is printed as greyscale. A lot of colour logos loose their impact when this happens.
I assume this is a company that helps businesses make ethical choices? Similar to Fair Trade or the Green/Organic wave of marketing. Not so sure about the colours as green and blue are over-used in my opinion. Also, the font choice doesn't quite do it for me. Maybe something more block-like?
The three words that come to mind for me are... ethics, global and recycling

Very close and with a few tweaks should work fine... all the best,


Senior Member

I agree with Anagoge, I'd keep the web address/ name completely simple and explicit. It's the main piece of information that is absolutely vital people get right in order for them to find you. I'd concentrate on a separate branding 'object.'

Please stay away from the globe, it sends a very mixed message about the sort of business you are.

Ethics are a very difficult thing to represent, but I think you wil be setting yourself up for a fall using the existing fairtrade logo, as Malcolm points out.
how about getting rid of the yellow circle and make the go caps or bold/different colour... maybe the strong yellow. keep it simple and the strength will come out. the big yellow dot doesn't do it for me... take it away and work with what you have there and i think it will come into shape.