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Logo Feedback Please


Senior Member
I like it tbh.

the 3d graphic is pretty attractive and in proportion- which is always good.

For me the glow behind the type is unnecessary and don't add a great effect to it- but it fits well in the cube itself as it's helping to portray the 3d image.

Personally the font is a bit to tall/narrow for me too, but that's just personal opinion.

if you're happy, go with it. design is subjective. Berry will tell you that.


completly agree with Timbo, the glowing behind everything is a bit too much for me personally, I would prefer to see it flat with no glow :)


Senior Member
Agree with chris, An outerglow is one of those things, its rarely possible to use one and actually pull it off... I think its too obvious on yours but maybe lowering the opacity to 30-50% would make it more subtle? also Im not sure about the D being the wrong way round? did you just do it because others do or is there a purpose? Lastly, Perhaps a slight gradient on the 3d element would make it pop that little bit more, I think some form of light/shadow (very faint) would add soo much to the graphic.

Its a great start but I think it needs a few minor tweaks! Nice work.
thanks for the advice with the outer glow on the text,

as for the D the opposite to each other, i chose to do that because the name is 'at odds', which is just further reflected by the D's placed like this, if that makes sense?

I'll also add a slight gradient to see how that looks :)


Staff member
ok now I'm going to be a bit different I'm afraid.

I don't mind the overall look of the design n(i agree with most of the comments above on that) but it doesn't say web and graphics to me, it says 3D design as the cube is usually symbolic of isometric displays.

I also have a slight issue with the name, to me if you are 'at odds' with someone you are having issues and are not getting along or from a client perspective, the work isn't being done in the way you want it to be. In my view this is bad because I always aim to give the clients what they want, obviously I discuss alternatives and put them forward suggestions etc but its ultimately down to the client to decide on what they want at the end.
sorry I haven't replied, been doing my exams, but they are over now, I can just work on design stuff now school is over :D

I see what you mean in regards to the 3d aesthetics for web and graphic design, I was aiming to create a logo to be coherent with the name, but I have forgotten about interpretation of what I have designed

I did ask a few people about the name, because I see how it can be understood as both good and bad, but the last thing I want is client confusion, so I guess its back to the drawing board, I may end up calling it 'tomsquire design' after my own name, so it also becomes more of a portfolio as well?

thanks again for the feedback and advice, greatly appreciated