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Logo Feedback Lanterne

Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by Athos, May 25, 2016.

  1. Athos

    Athos Active Member

    A new one for today..I plan to start my own business at graphic designer here at Quebec. What do you think about the logo?
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  2. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    Loving these @Athos.

    Especially the "JP" one as I'm a big fan if iso stuff but I think you were really clever with that as it's not too obvious.
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  3. Athos

    Athos Active Member

    @scotty : Thanks man! You already know, I'm a big fan of your work so your comment it's a pleasure for me :)
  4. ash

    ash Member

    I love it, it's simple, balanced in font choice and the different elements can be split. The effect of the tagline on the dark background is interesting; very subtle, but hardly legible. I do love the variation you used on the the branding sheet, when placing the logo on a light background :)

    What font did you use in the byline (if I may ask) the only thing I could find similar was: 'AZ Harpers July' which seems too rough :(
  5. Athos

    Athos Active Member

    @ash : I used a font called, Covington ;)

    Thanks for your comment! :)

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