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Logo Feedback Islamic Uloom

Hi Guys!

I am developing the front end of a website for my client. His objective is to create a website for different uloom (types of knowledge) of Islam integerated with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Artificial Intelligence. In it's initial stages he has worked on grammer of Quranic Arabic and later on his intentions are to develop sections for every type of Islamic Knowledge.

His target audience is:

1. Those who want to learn Quranic Arabic (all age groups initially for Urdu and English Users).

2. Research section with NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and their implementation on Islamic Uloom. (CS researchers and Shariah Uloom experts)

3. Ordinary user who want to recite or want simple search on Quranic text focusing on Urdu material.

For now I am developing the logo of the site. Name of his site is "Islamic Uloom". These are just rough illustrations of my chosen sketches. I will refine them later on but first I want to get some feed back from you guys about the direction I should be taking.

Here is the link:



Staff member
Can you make the images show in the forum rather than us having to go to imgur to view them (use the picture icon and the relevant image url). You will likely get more responses this way.