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Logo draft feedback

Right no sniggering at the back! I've been working on a logo for a sex toy catalogue company. The client had strong opinions on what elements they wanted including, the 'g' to be reminiscent of a sperm and a heart for the dot over the 'i'. Showed them some different options but they pretty much had their heart set on these elements to be included.

Anyway looking for opinions or any trouble areas on this draft, agonised for far too long on the 'g' and started to feel a little uncomfortable with the relationship of the 'a' and 's' but don't know if that's just because I've looked at it too long. Fresh eyes appreciated.



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After sniggering,...lol...I actually like it..
the a and s together seems a little off, and I thort that before I fully read your post.

You tried a different serif font...?
Yep initially tried about 20 I am happy with the typeface letter forms generally but the a and s is bugging me. May revisit some of the other options typeface options to see if I can get any ideas of tweaks to I could do to make it sit better.
Clarendon was on my shortlist but dropped it as I preferred the greater variance between the stroke widths on the base typeface for this (ITC Century Book). Think I need to change the spur on the 'a' and this might help the 'a' 's' situation.
but that hit the spot
very good...

Cheers for the feedback guys, gone with the revised 'a' and it's winging it's way for client approval now. Once that's done I get to spend the next week looking at dildo's as I'm doing two catalogues for them!


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Took the job because you get a discount on the items, didn't you? :p

Good logo, fits a catalog although the entire logo looks a bit pixelated at the edges.