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logo designs

Hi Mick

Some good work you've done there. The only one I'm not so sure on the 'scrip / swirly lines' typeface as it not legible. But apart from that theres some really good work. Especially like the Mountain logo when it's put into context.
Cheers bud, yeah the swirly one is actually a womens Tee design which looks pretty sweet on a vest, so thought i would just fling it in with the others. I've got more to add to the collection just put the ones up that i had ready.

Sean Lee-Amies

Sorry I didn't get round to giving you feedback sooner! Let me know when it's up.
Yeah that's nice mate, black on white works really well here!
Will do bud, Cheers, it took awhile to mock up due to the wife pulling the plug on my computer followed by my daughter doing the same thing twice. the anger was in my bones mate, in my bones

Sean Lee-Amies

Perfect reason to get your own office with a lockable door! :) Surely you learned after the first and second time it happened? Hahaha. What were they just hiding, peering round the corner, waiting until you finished the design again... "OOH Mick, I can't believe I did it again!! Sorry!!"