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logo designs


Simple and effective, love the Full Circle one.
I like the Crossfit circle, would easily transfer to a nice simple clothing design logo.


Yeah, yeah and yeah, I like! It's nice to see a drop shadow in a logo that isn't the centre piece!
Cheers for the positive feedback. I'm in the middle of doing up my portfolio, I don't get very much creative work my way so I need to redesign old design or make things up. and I was lacking in the logo design department. I might, if I get the time take some abit further and turn them into a brand. But again thanks for the feedback.


Staff member
mmmprinting said:
love the Full Circle one.
Actually that was the one I like the least... in my opinion the 'circle' bit lost it's impact with the text over the top, it just didn't sit well, especially the thin font. Also it didn't need the shadow on it, it wouldn't have been solid like that either if you think about it
Got a little niggle on the 'hair boutique' too, it doesn't look like HB, it looks like IJB
Haha that's the wrong hb one I've put up. I'll need to change that in the morning. I had the same problem with it looking like a 'J' was creeping in.

the construction one works either way really. U can hav the circle on top or to the side with or without the shadow. It just comes to your individual taste at the end of the day.

Tony Hardy

mick_mccabe said:
added a new logo designs. it's the basement café. Ive put up two styles but was wondering what one people prefer?
Why not make a separate thread and we can dive into it there?
Great stuff here! You have a knack for it being able to work with contemporary and traditional elements.

My absolute favorite is the hair boutique. When I first glanced at it, the ornate border made me think of hair. Plus all hair salons are trendy and the fonts capture that. :)

The only one I had a question about was the S&J. Although it's for a wedding invite and does a great job of keeping it simple yet elegant, I honestly had a hard time reading it. The & and J mixed together too much. That's just my personal preference though. I don't like searching for info.

Anyhoo, love your work!
I agree with Levi on the Full Circle front, but I really like all the other designs. The Full Circle Construction logo just seems a bit to elegant and circular for a construction firm.