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Logo design

Hi everybody!
I made this logo for an Italian-Canadian cultural association.
>16 years old students are its main target, so I went for an informal design.
Its goal is to promote a twinning between Ontario and Piemonte, an Italian region famous for viticulture.
So I used grapes to represent Piemonte and a maple leaf for Ontario.
My idea was to suggest common growth and coexistence.
I was also asked to think about a name for the association itself (they didn't have one, which made a bit difficult to design any logo at first).
I chose "sitis" (Latin word for "thirst"), meant as thirst for knowledge.
Being a palindrome, it can be read the same way from right or left (it reminded me a round trip ticket).
Furthermore, it's pronunced the same way of "cities" (just like the cities that the association is going to connect).
Okay, stop talking.
Here it is:

Let me know what you think.