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Logo design help


Junior Member
Hello design pips,

I’ve finally got around to designing my logo - to be used on CV, Portfolio and Business card. Would LOVE some feedback on it. Whether you think it doesn’t work etc - be constructive and honest as possible please. Stuck with a suitable font to use for my name, and then font to use for CV which will go with the logo. I like the idea of using a semi slab serif as it is easy to read while modern but I’m thinking it doesn’t quite work with the logo.

1. Suitable font to use with LOGO
2. Suitable font for text (to use on CV) to go with LOGO
4. Opinions on LOGO - which one best suggestions on improvements or is it rubbish. Be honest!

Next up I’ll be asking ever so sweetly on my portfolio design.

Thanking in advance ;-)



Junior Member
Hi Lady,

First off, good to see that you are getting around to designing your own logo. Its not an easy task and can be really hard to create something new and fresh.

May I ask why you are stuck to this font for your design?? But besides that, I like the ideas behind the logos. But me personally, I find that dark text displaying your name is too small and becomes over shadowed by the capital letters. I like the text on number 3 the most, as its the clearest and easiest to read.

It seems as if you have wanted to go for the making a logo out of your initials, this can be an extremely tricky process. Do remember there are other options open to you besides that, what are you trying to sell yourself as?? Try and include that in the design maybe.

Also may I ask is this your first set of designs?? If so you have seem to have chosen 1 idea and stuck with it and mealy altered the text and positioning, try and come up with as many ideas as possible. Get a pen and pencil out and scribble ideas down and then start refining them into more detailed ideas and then into final ps designs.

So overall good try for your first attempt, but try not to constrcit yourself with your optins you are a designer so come up with as many designs as you can and get your ceative juices flowing. Self branding cannot be taken lightly :)

Look forward to seeing what you come up with and designs in the future :)