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Logo design help from the Pro's?


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As some of you will know one area of my skill set I hugely want to improve on is logo design. Mine are all ways okay but not great and I don't like that. So what process do you go through when you create yours?

What if the name is not great/obvious like H and M construction over red arrow.
Also if it was red arrow logistics what kind of a logo would you come up with?

Duncan Y came up with this and is what I'm looking for help wise if you get me, not asking people to createlogo's unless you want to, but a description of your process in words, what you would do would be great. :)
It is really hard to imagine what to suggest in here as the business name and the logo mark itself has to be somewhat related. if you have problem deciding or brainstorming the logo itself i would suggest you to google some related subject or pictures on the web for inspiration and start looking for some font that could best present your ideas which you think it would be suitable for your client business.

Hope that help some.
Any contributions behind your process will be great. :)


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Hi Jaz,

I think the key thing is not only communicating the business' products/services to potential clients, but also the beliefs and values of the company. If you can send your client a set of questions to try and determine what makes them unique, what target audience they're trying to appeal to and how they want to be perceived and positioned in their relevant marketplace, then your job becomes easier as you're not trying to second guess.

Here's a few posts on popular design blogs that might help you put together a set of questions to e-mail them, I would send you the ones I use but I'm in Spain atm.

How To Write An Effective Design Brief and Get The Design You Want!
& How do you write a design brief? | David Airey, graphic designer

Hope that helps :)


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lol maybe that was how I wrote that, I'm sure I didn't put that as the title, could have sworn I put logo design help from the pro's, huh strange. :)

What I mean is how do you go about designing a logo after the brief, ignore the title?

Our briefs are quite long as we tend to milk the client for all the info we can get especially if they are local and we get to sit down face to face first.

What I'm looking for is the logo design bit and how you, personally, go about actually coming up with one that matches or looks good for the company.

How do you personally go about it, so if the client was say:
Client: H and M construction (Fictional)
Colour scheme: Say red and grey.
Company info: Say 3 to 4 years established, no current logo or website, small team of 4 dedicated builders who build I don't know extensions. Logo to to be created. Crap I know but hay its fictional and more just background for the process if that makes sense.

Then my personal briefs would include contact details, what needs to be in the header, footer, navigation positions, text to be included, pages, associations badges etc etc... but as this is fictional and I'm looking to more about the process that goes into making a logo from scratch I'll leave that out.

1) So you have a blank sheet of paper.
2) You know its a construction company you could change that to a fishing company, skydiving company, a shipping company or what ever really, I just want to see the designers mindset if you get me.
3) You know the colour scheme, again you can change that to what ever if you need to just made it up.

So what would be your next step in the logo creation process?

Wee Jimmy

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The next stage for me would be brainstorming and quick sketches. I'd put "Construction" at the center of a page. Break down all info bits into seperate bubbles and then just word associate. Pick some keywords and sketch out some quick concepts

I can highly recommend reading logodesignlove. It's a well written book and gives a nice insight into Davids design process when branding a company

Free chapter from Logo Design Love | Logo Design Love

There's a free chapter of it "From Pencil to PDF".