Logo Design for personal branding – I'm a visual and digital designer


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Hi everyone! I'm Leonardo an Italian graphic designer who is about to graduate this year. I'm currently defining my personal branding, I changed many logos since my first years in this profession, and I've just come up with this new solution. I need some feedback and advices about this logo!

The logo is aiming to comunicate: digital and graphic design interests and skills, a minimalistic and optimised approach to design and branding.

In the attachments you are going to see: black and white logo test, a visual of a business card and a website homepage, logo reduction test.

logoTavola disegno 1-100.jpglogoTavola disegno 2-100.jpglogoTavola disegno 3-100.jpglogoTavola disegno 4-100.jpg

Thank you all for your help! ;)


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Do you really need a logo?

All I see is some sort of flower icon. It certainly doesn’t work on the website mock-up as your name and tag line are missing. These are far more important than some random logo.


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If you're doing it as a project, it looks fine. If you're doing it in a professional capacity, don't bother. It's meaningless to anyone but yourself, and unnecessary.

If you really need a mark, why not do your surname in da Vinci style or something!