Logo design feedback


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The second one could work, with the cat in the A (although it's a white cat), but they all need refining/simplifying. Have you tried one with just the A made with a solid blue cat silhouette, it might work?

I don't understand where the Squarespace thing comes in and why it's needed, it makes the whole thing too complicated and just 'added-on' and like it's two different companies.
Apart from the fact that Squarespace is a very well known website building platform.


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Not sure what a Squarespace compnay is. Do you mean you just build squarespace websites?

The second one sort of works but I'd prefer to see a proper A - not sure you need a cat. You also need to think about what you want to use for a favicon. And square logos are far less effective on a phone than something more linear.


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Yeah first thought was... why does it have squarespace stuck in the design, they're essentially a website hosting company (with a lot of premade templates) and well I don't stick my hosting company on my branding.

If I'm being totally honest, I don't really like any of them... A seems quite familiar (I feel I've seen it before somewhere), B is the 'obvious' design and C just isn't doing it for me.