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Logo design critique needed...



Hi I just won this logo design contest with this entry, What do you think? Anything I can improve on?
I spent quite a lot of time trying to keep it simple and the client wanted something that's simple as well as being brandable...

Contest's Winner got $45 (which isnt much for you guys but for me it is, Im 13 for those who dont know my age) It was a very tough one..



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congratulations, first off.

the box is distracting me, but the logo looks nice.

only thing i'd watch out for is spacing- looks a little bit cramped.


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13...as if!! Think I was still using 'paint' when I was 13 lol! Think it's pretty good, yeah think I agree with Tim and the spacing, maybe move the tag line own a little. Also maybe try it without the grey line??
I think its rather decent, even mroe so because you're only a wipper snapper!
Congratulations on winning.

I agree with Ally about maybe trying it without the grey line.
Well done x


Thanks everyone for the feedback I really appreciate it and will send the client with the edits you guys suggested..
I like the actual logo, but the box around it is ugly looking, and as said above, is very distracting. Remove that, and I think it will look A LOT better.


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I think the 'Box' is Mo's graphic presentation of the logo design, not a part of it. He employs similar technique to show his work on his website.
But it is one design element too much. Overcooking
Nice work Mohammad, and congrats on winning. I'd loose the grey line as well, and decrease the space between the 'U' and the 'L' in verticular. Perhaps also move the 'I' slightly closer to the 'C'.

Hope that helps!
Nice logo, Just looked at the other entries after google the contest. There was some great designs and some horrible designs but wel done! Again lose that huge square thingy what ever it is.


Aarlev: Thanks Aarlev for the feedback,

Glen: Yes, there were a lot of good entries and you can expect lots of horribles ones aswell (especially at DigitalPoint). I took the post image from my blogspot so thats why it has the rounded box

Bren: I just wanted some feedback on it so that I can improve on my following designs