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Hi Guys,
We are struggling for a logo for our company. We are seeking support from the talented designers to help us out with a great design.

To reach our expectation we have launched a logo contest. If you are interested then please do not hesitate to participate.

Waiting to see some awesome entries from the talented designers.

Please start storming your brain to take the first place.

Good Luck!

Contest Link: link removed (Levi - moderator)
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Well before I deleted the link, because we don't support crowdsourcing like this, I checked out the 'competition' that we can win a grand total of $36 dollars.... the insultingly low 'prize' might be why you're struggling to find a logo because designers don't work for such low amounts.

For anyone interested in that sort of amount of money I'd recommend you go to the thread below and see if you can help out an academic researcher instead (note only 200 places).