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Logo design concept


Active Member
Hi guys
Just wondering if you could give me some critique on this idea I have had for a logo.
Basically the company spray paints buildings to protect them from weather and also to make them look nice. The client wants the brand to be orange so stands out - they also wanted the logo to be placed on a camo background, which I am trying to swerve!
If you could cast some fresh eyes over it and give me some feedback I would be most appreciative thanks.



Staff member
you've shown the same logo going left to right and then right to left in both colour and grey scale....

And it looks like something an airline would use to me
I like it.
Personally, I think without the curves in the icon would make it look better. Although not 100% on the icon concept itself.
If it needs to be placed on a camo background just make it 100% white?