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Logo design can you charge a fixed price?

Hello friends!

Just started out on me own as a freelance designer, i have my own studio now and getting in some clients,

However i am struggling alot with my price guide, i dont want to scare people away and i dont want to sell myself short, i need a solid price mark.

I dont want to charge hourly rates i want to keep it simple, i would prefer to give quotes out as quick as possible as after i have done all the work clients have refused to pay me the full amount

I am charging one client now £200 for a logo design, i feel the quality of my work is worth more than this but i need a little help,

i have tried ringing around asking for prices but they are really funny with you over the phone.

any help guys? thanks


Senior Member
Set prices can really bite you in the ass if you don't have the details stitched up. Worst case, you agree a set price, a bazillion changes later...
Alternatively, use an hourly rate to work out a rough estimate of what you'd expect it to be and then ensure in your terms that beyond say, 2/3 revisions you will then start charging at an hourly rate?


Senior Member
Yes, work it out by hourly rate and state the number of revisions included when you write your quote. In my experience logos are a bit of a 'loss leader', but there's the chance you will end up getting their stationery, website and leaflets etc too. What's the absolute quickest you could do it? Around here the rates for freelance/sole trader range between £20 - £40 per hour so if you estimate an hour for rough ideas and thinking time, an hour for working the best one up and getting it to the client by email or a print out, half an hour for tweaks then half an hour for making the eps/gifs/jpegs etc you'd be looking at £60 minimum for one logo. I usually give a price 'for one logo', and also a price 'for a choice of two' (or three). I say 'to include two proofing stages for minor client corrections' in my quote letter. Add a line saying 'Optional - further logo designs or substantial changes' with a price or stating your hourly rate. If they start to encroach on this territory it's polite to warn them and tell them what the extra cost will be. Often they decide they like what they've got after all - money is good for focussing a client! You could also work out a package price for 'logo & stationery' which they might go for. Sometimes you will do it in the three hours and they'll love it, other times you might spend a day or two if a design just isn't working! Logos are my least favourite job for this reason...