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Logo Critique


Senior Member
Well it’s hard to say, I can only see a very small image. I can zoom in on the browser but I’m not sure my critique will cover features caused by the quality of the image. Never the less, I like the lady bug itself, it’s quite simple and effective and works well with the underlining dots you have in the same pallet. I don’t like the serifs on the upper type face and if the descender is supposed to be missing on the ‘g’ it’s a bad idea because it looks like a ‘q’, try a cleaner font. It looks like it has some sort of hot wax coating filter on it but hopeful that’s just the thumbnail problem. Aside from that I think the logo is pretty good especially if it’s your first attempt at designing (although it’s slightly odd that your first effort at designing is to create a logo establishing yourself as a designer) Have a play around with your typographic features such as letter spacing and you’ll have a logo on your hands.
Thank you Wac, I can definitely see what you mean about the font. Dont know how but i thought i could get away with it. I am looking around for a better font but I am open to suggestions.
I am strugglin' to see it as it is fairly small.

First of all i think the ladybug looks a bit too simple. I would probably add some gradients to liven it up a little. Also i am not a huge fan on putting designs between the 'y' and the 'g'. It looks a little squished.I would experiment with various font types etc. Have a play around. I would take away the serifs on the 'ladybug' text.

Good start, just needs some adjustments.


Staff member
right first off it would be helpful to us if you could flesh out the info as required here

without any further info, I see ladybuQ and a 6 eyed pacman (or even a pizza) being chased by a bouncy hopper toy.....

I know it's supposed to be a ladybird (ladybug is an americanism and is basically only used there) but it doesn't look like a ladybird, look at some of the images on google and you'll see what I mean - it's the spots mainly.