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Logo Critique - Online Gift Store

I have been working on a logo for a while, I am finding it a challenge as it's a long name.
This is my latest attempt, I am using cuprum and pacifico fonts. I need some help getting it 'right' so I would welcome any feedback and advice.
Thanks in advance

Thanks, I do realise its not working, so was looking for some constructive criticism. By 'not being a logo' do you mean there isn't enough of a concept? I wanted to keep it simple and have a handwritten font for the 'gifts' part and then the rest of the logo in smaller text, as it is a long business name.
Any advice would be great but thanks for your feedback anyway :D


Staff member
well lets put it this way, all you've done is stuck 2 fonts together. One is a very 'tight' font which will be useless at small sizes and the other is a rather thick script font. They just don't balance very well. Go find more fonts :)
You could also use the word 'under' in a few different clever ways if you think about the visual meaning of the word. Then again, if you have to use all the text and leave it as plain text like you have done then maybe think about an icon to go with it, rather than leaving it as typography only.


Junior Member
Thanks for the feedback, I have gone 'back to the drawing board' here is a mockup for a different concept, critique wanted please


How and where is this logo going to be used? You're going to have some issues with the dimensions that you've chosen.

Also by having all of the text in the same style, to me it reads like a sentence or statement instead of a company name and slogan.


Junior Member
This will be a website logo.
I tried making the 'for under' words smaller and stacked, but then I felt that the '10' didnt read as a number so clearly.
Any other suggestions of how I could split it up / make it less sentence like?