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Logo Competition Feedback

Hi, Can I just get your opinion on these intitial designs that I have for a competition, I need to try and build up my portfolio so I thought doing some competitions might be a good idea.



iStay.com is a soon to launch marketplace for short-term accommodation rental.
The marketplace will allow normal people to rent out spaces in their homes/appartments to professionals/travellers who need somewhere to stay.
Say your visting new york for a weekend, and dont want/have enough cash for a hotel room - you can log onto iStay.com and find a whole bunch of rooms which you can rent from people directly instead of going to a hotel/youth hostel etc
iStay.com will be a young/cool site, run by a young cool startup.
The site will also have social networking features, wherer people can chat with each other, share holiday experiences etc.


our site is designed in a minimalist way.
we do have orange colour for buttons. (but used very sparingly)
We need a simple logo which will work online/offline etc.
Main thing being the word iStay.com -
Tagline - hasnt been decided yet, but will be 4-6 words and needs to be on the logo somewhere.
the logo needs to look FRESH, COOL and SIMPLE


Senior Member
i like one or two, but it's nothing that i haven't seen before.

personally i'd go for a logo that stands out- imagine how many million logos there are for estate agents etc that involve a house outline../


Staff member
Honestly, they look too generic to me, the second one looks like a mountain too.

Personally I would have gone differently, my first instinct from the brief was its basically a bed to rent service and as such I would have used a 'bed' concept, the i being a perfect headboard from the side :).

As a side note, anyone else getting fed up with the 'iPod' style I in non apple brands now, especially if theyre not even relating to apple comptuters/ipods etc.


Senior Member
They want to keep it simple and minimal, so I'd say the hand drawn elements will clash with that too much.
I'd stick with a typographic approach, perhaps incorporating the house graphic (if you are that attached to it), within it somewhere.

Maybe playing around with some type will spark a different concept so you won't have to use an graphic as such. I'd try to find a simple, clever solution using pure type. I think that would satisfy the minimal part of the brief, especially if you can find a smart and elegant design within it.


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I hate the concept of 'tag line goes here".
Brand ID's should not rely on a tagline underneath the logo. This is two completeley separate areas and issues. It is not part of the logo design and only adds confusion.
Also when developing a new brand, a tagline or 'the brand truth' generally comes before the ID design as it defines the brand values and therefore the logo design reflects that.
It's like starting a business without having a business plan...

As for the designs in the first post, they are like Bedouin tents. so I hate them


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^ makes sense berry..

"the brand truth" - should reflect in the id / logo ... in this case the client hasnt decided what this is..what would you say to the client.. (not being a pain, but if this was a real situation, would be interested in how you would deal with the client)

shit also noticed 1,007 well done...lol where was you..


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Go for some sort of combination between the the third one down in the first column, and the top one in the second column.