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Logo/Branding for personal project - Pillowmarks

Hey everyone :D!
I return once more to ask some feedback on logos. I think perhaps I might have a teeny knack for illustrative logos (my strength being illustration and all) but once again the type section stumps me big time. Putting image and font together always, always takes so long because sometimes something instinctively looks right but there are other aspects of a good logo I'm not considering.

Could you please take a gander at this current one I'm working on? It's for a small company I'm trying to start up.

Think cute, friendly in tone. Mostly sells bookmarks

Thank you all so much! :D


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Hey Mosskat,

Good to hear from you, hope all is going well.

OK with the logo can I ask who the products/company will be aimed at? What will be the target market, and what is the USP of this business and it's products?

I think knowing that info will help people to assess a bit better :)
Heh - see? Didn't think to mention that. Thanks Greg!

The target audience for pillowmarks will be naturally readers (bookmarks after all) and persons looking for a very cheap but beautiful little token gift to send to someone (I guess that doubles as a USP).

The products would be bookmarks with varying illustration designs on them (some mine, some my partners).

Thanks again everyone!


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OK cool, my first reaction on seeing the logos was that it would be aimed at the younger market, especially with the second font you included. I think you may need to include some book reference within the character, holding a book or something? as the name may create some confusion on its own, ie away from the products or images of the bookmarks. Perhaps there's even room for a strapline to help with that communication, but again I think the logo needs to include this reference in some way, with or without a strapline/slogan.

Hope that helps as a starter!
Fiddled a little bit. I don't want to make the book inclusion too big because then the logo starts to lean too much towards fun/educational theme and I really, -really- don't want that.

cute, a bookworm! The sketchy book, is that a place holder as it were? Because for me it's not sitting too well with the cuteness of the wormy.

Also the tail/antennae could do with thickening up slightly, as you can see in the small version above they're getting a little lost.

Cute concept though, I like the idea of it :)
Friend suggested adding little heart. Kinda starting to look like a greeting card... just wondering if that's a bad thing because we might want to expand into greeting cards and other products later...

charles said:
i defo prefer the second one... is the head supposed to look like a spem cell? like is it meant to be rude...?
LOL what?? No...oh god, I hope it doesn't come across like that...

charles said:
i defo prefer the second one... is the head supposed to look like a spem cell? like is it meant to be rude...?
it's based off a type of catipillar that has a little butt attena.

Becky said:
not a bad suggestion, it does negate any feelings you might have of it becoming education, and it's still cute :D
Thank you hun <3! Will go about makign the atenna a little thicker. Any other suggestions?
charles said:
sorry lol i assumed cos of the name it was that... where does pillow marks come from...?
well the little worm doubles as a mascot as well - his name is Pillow :3 (sort of cute play on catipilllar) Good point though. hrm....
Okay! Just to clarify.

a) Name Pillowmarks a bit too sexual? (Name change coming I'm guessing)
b) Character itself is cute, make antenna little wider?

Anything else? :)


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Just thinking out loud on the name front following the negative connotations the existing name is creating, how about something around 'cute' pets, so using paws, so the name could be something like 'BookPaws' the word Paws having the kind of double meaning of pausing the book with the BookPaw, and coming back to it later. Maybe too specific to pet people? But gives you a bit more to play within a logo and identity?

EDIT: Scrap that just read your post regarding moving into greetings cards at a later date!


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I've just got here and read all this, and I agree that anything 'pillow' related has a somewhat sexual overtone.

I like the idea of the logo, but with the name, it just doesnt sit right with me.

I feel a trip to the urban dictionary and a search for pillows would be a bit of giggle!