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Logo and branding design help

Hi All,

I've working on a self initiated project to come up with a branding identity for a fictitious web development agency, I want to come up with a logo and then a branding personality that I can apply to the website, something which I can then add to my portfolio.

At the the moment I am struggling for idea on what this could be, specially when it comes to choosing a name, as there seem to be an endless amount of possibilities, specially when you think of the already existing number of branding agencies that are already out there all very widely different from each other but each with their own unique personality, so because this is so open ended I think this is why it is proving difficult to latch onto a creative direction that represents a suitable voice for the business.

However when I think of the values that I would want to see reflected in a branding and web development agency, if I was to start one up, I would want it to be built around delivering profitable results for small time start up business, results that engage their customers and scale their business growth, but at the same time nothing to serious lor corporate looking as we want to show we operate in the creative field, so I would want to be seen as fun and cutting edge.

One idea I had so far was to brand the name around the word "Prism"? my thinking behind this was that the prism pyramid is a solid cutting edge object that bends and refracts light passing through it producing a spectrum of coloured rays of light, that "reflection of light" could represent the results part that I want to portray, do you peeps think that is a strong concept to go with, does it make sense to you or is it a bit wishy washy?

Your thoughts please?

Hi I don't exactly crush the whole branding thing, but I get people come to with some awful names and concepts but I got to make do with it.

Try coming up with a name that isn't already being used by a similar business first............ After that I think you will realize how much freedom you have with a fictitious project.

If you are still struggling why not re-brand an existing company?

Or just ask the first person what they would call a similar company and grab that by the horns.

After you have run out of ideas you will have your best ones.
Hi DDDave

Thanks for your suggestions that really helped, i ended up doing some mind mapping exercises to help get me out of my creative rut and it really helped, after dong that and sleeping on some word associations that I come up with, I had a few really strong concepts that stood out above the rest that I think have a lot of potential, and are actually much better suited than going with the prism concept, one name I come up with was "Launchpad" the idea of providing a range of web development services that would massively benefit and help serve small business get online and scale their businesses to greater heights, so the idea I had in mind was to morph the outline of a building ie: skyscraper icon into a rocket ship taking off, or to go with the company name of "jetpack solutions" I think those ideas have a lot of potential so that's what I'm going to go with I think.