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Logo and brand name


Junior Member

I'm new on this forum, but I'd like to ask you for your opinion about the logo designed for a new brand of diving equipment:

I'd be appreciated for any opinion, even these most brutal :clap: Which version of this two do you preffer?

The second question is what do you think about the brand name? Some says that xDEEP is unnatural and hmmm... far-fetched.

The intention was: x deep -> 10m depp, 50m deep, 100m depp -> "for any depth".

Isn't sound unnatural or harsh for you, who are native in english?

Well it seems to be fine now.

As you say, xdeep doesn't exactly trip off the tongue. Do you pronounce it 'ex-deep' or 'times-deep'? I like the graphics though. Very strong and simple. I can see that printed onto diving equipment. I think I prefer the top font as it's cleaner and crisper. I also like the X being used as a little person in the top font. Adds a sense of fun and excitement which suits the product.