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Logo Advice


I have been working on a logo for my design agency for a while, the company is called "Swisha"
I would appreciate some constructive criticism and general advice of how I could improve it.




Junior Member
Hey Lewis!

I'm not very experienced at all and this is just a random tip, but I think it would look ace if you made the center circle sort of pop out a little, give it a radial gradient or something and perhaps a shadow?


Active Member
like the central circle......... and that's all.

Don't know what the purple icicles are for. They look over contrived and add confusion.

the overall hight for your brandmark is massive compared to the size information of the name.
On a business card your whole hight of the card may have to be taken up with the logo just to read the name.
The proportions are all wrong. Make sure your logo is legible and readible in a small size. Make sure you dont fail at that first step . A logo is not just a piece of design it is a graphic interpretation of your brand and your name. If you can't read it then it fails as piece of communication.

Get the name across clearly without fancy stuff
Berry is right, the proportions are way out. Also it all seems a bit washed out, slightly dark too. If you are to carry on with it I would say add some highlights in there to bring it out a bit more, it just lacks depth at the moment.

Eyarei is right with her suggestion and I feel it comes from that the circle doesn't work with the main shape, quite contrasting shapes to be honest but not in a good way. How ever I do like the shape you have created and feel you should re-think the way the logo is put together.

Quick thought: How about you use the shape as the "S" of "Swisha", the logo would work a lot better than it does at the moment.


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think how it will work in black and white. What about a reverse logo for use on black backgrounds?

Personally i like to keep logos without shadows, bevels, highlights, glows, any ****e like that, it just gets in the way. Fine if you take it online maybe for a rollover or accent, but, simplicity is KEY, as you've been told ;)


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not sure how well this would work across different mediums... eg. letterhead, business cards etc. A logo with these proportions could work on a very minimalist website, but in print I think you would struggle to display the brand name in a very readable way

I like your but if you go for another color it could much better. But it all depend on client's requirement. We can just suggest.

Nice work and wish you all the best for the future.
what is it with people being back old posts, this logo is probably well past the design stage by now. Plus i'm sorry andrews but your advice does not make sense and I kinda thought the general rule for designing a logo was to try and convey what the company is about?........