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'Living with a freelance designer' Guest Post


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Hi Guys,

I had a guest post published over on Circlebox, a design blog run by a guy called Callum Chapman. I think it might be interest to some of you. I hope you'll also be able to relate to it.

Basically I asked my fiancee to write a few of her thoughts down concerning the challenges my busy work life creates for her personally, and us as a couple.

Here's the link: Living With A Freelance Designer | Circlebox Blog

Feel free to leave comments if something strikes home for you!




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Interesting topic for a post Ken, was that something they suggested?
Made for an interesting read & definitely related to a few things!
Cool of your fiancee to offer her thoughts on a personal subject like that :)


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I came up with the topic, after I had quite a frank exchange of ideas with my fiance (quite a while ago now), and the idea has been percolating for a while, basically until I worked up the courage to ask her to write something for me.

I thought I was being brave!
Cheers for the link to the article - it's an interesting read. It was good to hear the viewpoint from the other side of the freelance fence