Live Trace Illustrator


I am trying to live trace this image. It has a paper texture grey background which I dont want to trace. It is a jpeg. All I want to trace is the unicorn horn. Ignore white is greyed out and if I click object, trace, make it totally disappears. Does anyone know where I am goind wrong here?

Many thanks



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I managed to do it without issue.
Did you go window > image trace to open all the advanced options?
You can tweak it there and I ran the Auto Colour preset with ignore white and it did it fine.

If you crop the image down to just outside the horn then it'll do it a lot quicker.
Thanks so much Scotty, that seemed to work for some reason. I haven't a clue where I was going wrong. I even opened other images and traced them fine.


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Image trace is is a law unto itself and flakey at the best of times. ;)

It did the same with me when I just hit "trace".
Always best to open the image trace windows and try a few settings.

Glad it worked out. :D