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Little help with development of a logo

I was approached by members of a local company who knew of my design work, and they wanted me to re-brand their old company. As it turns out, the two that approached me have left the old company to set up a rival company as members of their business partnership did not see the reason to use a targeted design approach (they are happy with farmers market style packaging!), and the people i am working with want to target their product more. They have done a lot of market research over the years, and want to target families and teenagers. I am limited to four colours, and these are the basic things that have been developed over the last month:

The characters were all hand drawn then scanned in and traced in illustrator. The reason behind the chosen colours is that i wanted to use a vibrant, fresh, attractive colour, like the blue, but on its own this would make the food products look a bit radioactive... if you get my drift, so i feel it is earthed well with the brown...i think...

Basicly the company values are earthy, hand made, family values, friendly, affordable... It needs to stand apart from other value meat products. Quality to look out but cheap and affordable!

Any help would be appreciated as i am also submiting this as part of my uni work :D


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That's a good one. I like the house-like style, which fits in perfectly with their company values. The color is nice and goes nicely with the brown, and it can easily be turned into a grayscale version (or a different color) if needed.

The circles work really well because Rob could also take out one of the circles and put it on a tag or sign. Let's assume he has a butcher shop, I don't know how it works in your country, but in Belgium they usually stick tags on the meat (image). So he could put the circle with the sheep on one of the tags and stick it in a peace of mutton so people can easily see what it is they're about to buy.

I think this is really nicely done, good job and welcome to DF, I hope to see you around some more.


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Hi DaisyGirlDesigns,

Like the logos and style you have for this project, I'm not entirely sure why the products would be aimed at teenagers? But I guess it depends on their product range, something like savoury snack products would fit perhaps, if it's just meat sales, hard to see why teenagers would be a target market. On to the family market, I think it would target young families really well, it looks fun and fresh, and would stand out against the more traditional competitors.

On a more specific point with the logos, have you tried a green instead of blue out of interest? I like the blue, but might be worth seeing how the green looks as that would have more of an instant connection to land/farm/country/organic/fresh, etc. :)
Thank you for the help so far :)

Putting the circles into the "o's" of robs works well i think. We had already discussed using each character for the product they represented, but i completely missed that obvious placement of them haha!! So thanks for opening my eyes!!!

The logo has gone through a lot of development and has been tried in the green, but the clients seemed to like the blue better, and the current customers gave positive feedback about the blue, because it was different, i.e not obvious organic if you know what i mean. They said it gave it an edge when you held a print out against current products. I had thought that the green would have been the favourite when i first sent it out!

I should explain when i say teenagers, i mean they are targetting students, and people who are starting to become independent, cook for themselves etc. but do not have a huge disposable income and would like to purchase products from a brand that they trust and that they can afford. It is all locally produced products, and the company have a good 3/4 year reputation behind the brand. To appeal to this age group further they are also supposedly doing packs like BBQ packs, Christmas packs, Bonfire Night packs etc... The hardest thing for me as their designer is that nobody knows exactly where this is going, so the goal posts keep moving, but it is really exciting to be part of :) who knows where it will go...

As well as fundamental products, they also want a separate, but linked identity set up under the same brand for their luxury range of products, and these will be speciality products, along the lines of hampers etc. We are not tackling that until we have sorted this level out. Think of it eventually a bit like tesco value and tesco finest... I did not see why low cost packaging had to be dull and appear low cost!! Hence my approach!

Thank you for the positive feedback :) it is very encouraging for a young (nervous) designer like me :)


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Definately that one. Great placement of each element and retains a sense of fun. - if anything a would probably like to see a little more white fill on the sheep? the others have a lot of body colour too them where as the sheep stands out a little, looking rather (sheepish?) transparent :p

also, Just be aware of the impact of creating fun/lovable charectors - you are afterall intended to eat them.


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DaisyGirlDesigns said:
I like this vibe, the separtion of the animals, and the text is good, the advantage of this is it doesnt really matter, which of these is the final, it can be positioned differently depending on what it is for.

Agree with Greg though, not sure about this hitting the teenager mark, defo good for families though.