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Little Help Needed..

Hi all.

I'm after a bit of advice if anyone can help.

I want to create a simple homepage (as well as about, contact etc) - here's what I had in mind;

The background would be a fixed illustration - the page won't scroll down. Then the block of colour a little into the page with links from there.

What's the best size to design a page to these days? Is there a way I can have the illustration fit the full background on every browser, without losing quality (stretching) or there being ugly coloured bits along the side? (ie if the illustration was 1024px wide, and a monitor was 1000px wide, how would I deal with that?)
I'm not great with coding etc so would love it if we could use some dummy terms here so I understand. :blush:

Have you looked at Wordpress as your website platform? Loads of skins for it, would save you a lot of time and money to just use something that works well from scratch...
Hi NCRPads,
I have Wordpress already, it's currently at domain.com/blog - I was hoping to keep it there and just have a homepage, with an about me and a contact page which were all the same design wise (as described above) as well as the WP blog linking from it.

Tony Hardy

Hi Lee-Ann,

Wordpress is more than a blogging platform now, so you can build a front end into it. If you've got 5 minutes, add me on Skype and I can have a quick chat through this with you? Skype; tonyh1904

If not, then post up the current Wordpress link and I'll take a look at what I'd suggest for it?

Sean Lee-Amies

Hi Lee-Ann, can I just ask what you want to achieve by having your own website? I only ask this because your decision to use one large image for your home page affects this massively.
Wordpress is a good way to go if you're happy to keep things simple!
Hi - sorry I didn't reply sooner, my computer has been playing up a bit. :angry:
I did find a WP theme that looks similar layout wise to what I wanted.
Sean - it was more the aesthetics of it that made me want the one image, nothing else really! :lol:
Thanks for the advice though - Tony sorry I missed your post, appreciate the offer!


Active Member
Hi Lee-Ann
Using a theme is best route to take, you can basically change them so they are bespoke to your requirements. Why recreate the wheel as they say.
Is the effect you're going for a parallex scrolling background image? I think they look nice and add more depth to a website.


Junior Member
Hi Lee-Ann
Why don't you try to find a similar theme on wordpress. Make a simple home page on wordpress and add the child under the home page or siblings.
If they work then this would be a best source for your problem solutions.