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Little Chef


Senior Member
I love the new style, I drove past one the other day on the way home from being out of the country and I instantly preferred it


Staff member
I like the new interior styling, has a bit of an american cafe vibe in my opinion. The funny thing is I have 2 little chefs (different directions) literally 10mins up the road and I really can't see them having this done to them anytime soon....


Well-Known Member
It'll take more than a re-brand to take Little Chef back to the glory days.
I remember when it was cheap and cheerful and tasty. These days it's expensive and underwhelming.
Nearly 4 quid for a bacon sarnie? I'll get a better one for less than half of that at any baker's on the high-street, thank-you.


Junior Member
I am loving the rebrand!

I'm not completely sold on the interior though. Last year I popped into the one near York without realising it had been revamped - it was definately an improvement but think the blue sky thing looks kinda strange. Makes me laugh though cos we all know Heston suggested it cos he got bored of the Little Chef MD harping on about blue skies thinking all the time!!

I do love the typography to bits!