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Little bit of help please :-D


I have been asked to help a friend out for there uni work and she is need of a website to display her work but as I only have a print background I don't know what to search for in google to help me out...

basically she wants a website similar to this Miles Donovan | Illustration but apart from the info on the top she would like it on the left hand side with a few clickable links to different pages of their work etc

does anybody know what I'm on about? if so can anyone point me in the right direction to what I need?



Staff member
What system do you use? If you're on a mac then iWeb is quite user friendly and is fairly customisable. otherwise id go with the already suggested carbonmade.
I use a mac and use dreamweaver - I have done things in the past on this like emails and my old website (not my current one). I thought this might be a simple type of website to do but this might just be me being naive.

I can see how carbonmade would be good but she is after something a little bit more unique - like I use cargo college which I guess is very similar.