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Lionel Messi Poster


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Afternoon Everyone,
Ive been working on a little personal project lately to commemorate the incredible goal scoring feat of Lionel Messi during 2012. He broke the world record for goals scored in one year by managing to get to a total of 91 goals whilst playing for Barcelona and Argentina. Ive had the idea for this poster for ages but only just got around to doing it, Im looking for feedback on the illustrations as well as the colour palette.
Cheers all!
p.s. If you are interested, you can watch all 91 goals here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXrltgfrrqw



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Just a quick update to say I finalised the design (went for something more minimalist in the end) You can now buy a print via my blog which you can see in my signature below.
Thuis is an AWESOME poster Dave. Love it. Only thing I'd have said is just give a little more room at the top and bottom of the poster to balance a little nicer with the spacing either side. Although I guess that's determined by the spacing between circles and paper size / dimensions.