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Like this guys style.

This is the best site for a designer I have ever seen! This guy deserves an award! :D Laugh of the day! So glad you found this haha

Sean Lee-Amies

Yeah, this is an old one! It's good but if you look past the unique charm, a fair amount of the work on display is actually pretty poor and the website has a number of issues which point to a lack of knowledge in web design or development basics; such as using images for large text titles.
However there's no denying that the copy is very effective.


Junior Member
what is quite interested in this website???? Can somebody share here. Their is not even a single external link to other page of the website.


Staff member
It was more about what he'd written.
A bit like (as a designer) you'd like to say to a potential client but I think he's changed it since I posted it.