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LightShadowGreySlimFancyFaceThickWindowBox effect


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As most of you will have noticed there is shed loads of lightwindow type effects out there but bugger all it seems that are capable of displaying html as well as images...

I've been digging around and it looks like I'm stuck with lightwindow 2.0 which isn't the end of the world but it takes up about 160k which could be better and also as it use prototype scripalicious etc means its going to be at risk of conflict if I also use a good old bit of jquery on the page.

I know facebox is (apparently) capable of displaying html as well as images but when I attempted this a while back I was struggling with it and don't have the time to suss out the probelm. Facebox I guess when I have time to master it would be the ideal solution as it also uses jquery.

All I want is a lightweight easy to use jquery based lightwindow/facebox and free (or at least vcheap to use) is that so much to ask?!

Any one happen to know of any hidden gems out there?
Try simpleModal it's really easy to re-use once you have everthing in place (a link to jquery and a link to the close window image is all you need externally) and then what it does is hides a div you specify and shows it as a modal window, so you can put anything you want in this div.