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Lightbox : Quick Question

Using a lightbox gallery I want the image to pop up almost full screen, what size would you recommend so that it fits fullscreen but also fits nicely across different browsers??
PS: thanks for that video help. I got it working great... I tested one video first.
But now when I try to do my other videos (using handbrake) as it starts converting them it comes up with that stupid microsoft error (report or end program) and i have uninstalled and re-installed it several times etc but its notw orking now ive finally sussed it out GRRRR lol this is turning into a nightmare! :p


Staff member
put the error in the video post and I'll see if I can tell you how to fix it, worse case scenario you could try converting them to f4v flash video (like you sent me) and then converting in handbrake to see if it works.

try this litebox script for your images, it's using jquery rather than prototype though.